About us

The first Dönerix branch was opened in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in 1994. The motivation for this revolutionary restaurant was the idea that it was about time to introduce a new Turkish dish in the Netherlands. In 2005 we have transferred our company to a franchise formula. We are a growing food chain that has spread throughout the country. Now we have a solid franchise system, our goal is to open more restaurants in the Netherlands and to further open internationally and continue to grow.

The great success of Dönerix in the Netherlands has led to the widespread distribution of Dönerix, both nationally and internationally. Nowadays Dönerix restaurants can be found in many mayor European cities.

Dönerix is specialised in preparing fresh authentic Mediterranean kebab with a high taste sensation. Our kebab is made of quality ingredients! We use 100% Dutch beef, lamb, and pure chicken fillets. We also use fresh vegetables that are prepared every day and of course special Dönerix bread. Our way of preparing kebab is quite different from the way other operators do it.

With a strong, modern brand and the promotion of healthy fresh ingredients that appeal to a broad market, Dönerix can only grow and become more successful.

Our vision is to provide easy to manage systems, a traditional product range and excellent revenue on investment. We want to offer fresh and tasty kebab combined with an excellent customer service in the Netherlands and throughout the entire world.

With affection, we prepare the best kebab that meets your personal wishes. Visit us today and try one of our kebabs and you will be glad you came.