Are you looking for a franchise formula that is fun, dynamic, interesting and very easy to execute? Do you want a company you can expand while still having time for other activities? If you like running your own company, having fun with a great team of people behind you, and if you want to take advantage of the financial benefits of an established reputation, please contact us today!

Why Franchise?

Franchising is a fantastic way to do business. It is an extremely successful and ever growing part of the Dutch middle class.

At Dönerix we use Business Format Franchising. This is the most common form of franchise and it is an ongoing relationship that contains the product, service, trademark and business concept. The business concept consists of the marketing strategy, business systems and models, concepts, quality checks, education, operating manuals and continuous support. All of this provides the franchisee with all the necessary tools for his company.

Franchise is great for both the franchisee and the franchisor. This way, the franchisor can expand his company, while the franchisee is provided with all the necessary business systems. Dönerix has established, proven business models and systems that contribute significantly to minimize the risk of starting up your own company as much as possible.

Further benefits of the Dönerix business franchise opportunity are:

  • Taking part in an established and well-known brand
  • Continuous guiding from the beginning
  • Benefits of shared ads
  • Shared resources and information
  • Continuous support
For more information about our franchise opportunities, please click here to contact us online today.

Why Franchise with Dönerix

Dönerix has identified an important trend in the market, which is rapidly growing. Nowadays more and more people are switching to healthier food choices for themselves and their families, while living more hectic and quicker lives. At Dönerix we believe that this trend towards healthy alternatives is permanent.

This is true because:

  • Nowadays 60% of the Dutch above 25 years old are obese or overweight
  • People are working longer and time is important. They want to make a choice out of easy and healthy food, which ensures them to maintain their health while enjoying their social lives and families
  • Parents are stimulated to provide their children with healthier food
  • Baby boomers reaching a middle age care more about their health and wellbeing. They grew up with fast food and are now looking for a healthier alternative
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in the kebab industry
  • We have a proven business plan that makes starting from scratch less scary
  • "Brand awareness", an already existing consumer market that will surely want to buy your product, because they are already familiar with it
  • Management by means of an established concept with systems that reduce costs for starters
  • Specialised training and support by the franchisor
  • The excitement and flexibility to run your own company, using your personal talents and strengths
  • The best working plan and continuous support of the franchisor
  • Control over your financial and professional future
  • The fun of running your own company, but you're not alone
Dönerix franchisees are given the opportunity to exploit this trend. If you are interested in taking part of a growing market, and if you are a highly driven and motivated person, then perhaps a Dönerix franchise is the opportunity for you. Click here to contact us today.


1. How much can I earn with Dönerix franchise?
At Dönerix we provide you with a sound business model and business systems. There are many aspects that can influence or determine your profit. Dönerix makes no predictions about the expected turnover. We recommend any future franchisees to ask for professional advice and to talk to other Dönerix franchisees with due diligence.
2. Do I need the amount in advance?
No, although we recommend to have an interest of at least 50% in the company. The remaining amount can be requested at the known sources. Dönerix offers a 50% funding for approved franchisees.
3. What does the franchise agreement mean?
Dönerix franchise agreements are entered into for at least 5 years, or the term of the rent. If both parties agree and if all franchise criteria are met, the franchisee can renew the contract back up to 5 years.
4. Can I sell my franchise company?
Yes, provided that Dönerix approves of the person or the company that wants to buy the company. The new owners must agree to the conditions and the state of affairs.
5. What do I pay Dönerix®?
Dönerix charges a weekly franchise fee of 6% of gross sales. Franchisees are also required to pay a marketing contribution of 3% a week.
6. Do I get my own area?
You do not get your own specific area, but at Dönerix we know how important it is for both parties to realise a constant growth in turnover and profit.
7. How can I begin?
Click here to take your first step and fill out the Dönerix Franchise Registration Form.

Registration Form

If you are interested in Dönerix franchise, please click here below to download the registration form. It is important that you correctly and completely fill out all the fields. If you do not, we will not take your request into account.

The registration form is in Adobe Reader file format and has a registration button that immediately submits your request to us. It is also possible to right click and save the file. Then you can print it and send it to us.

International Master Franchising

Dönerix issues International Master Franchise licenses.

An International Master Franchise provides companies or individuals with the opportunity to obtain the rights of Dönerix sub-sectors in certain countries or global regions. Please fill out the form below to show your interest or to get more information. Once we have received your details, Dönerix will contact you within 72 hours.

Note: Dönerix is only looking for candidates who are interested in an International Master Franchise.