At Dönerix we exclusively serve products of the best quality. A selection of the products we offer in our establishments is shown below.

Döner Kebab

Döner Kebab is roasted spiced veal or chicken. In its branches, Dönerix offers you both kinds of Döner, which include the Prenses Döner and the Chicken Döner. For the Prenses Döner we use durable, qualified and quality veal. Veal of good quality is tender, succulent and easily digestible. For the Chicken Döner we also use qualified and quality chicken fillet. All products are prepared in the Halal way.
Donerix Doner

Döner bread and Dürüm

Our Döner bread and Dürüm is freshly delivered every day by our bakery. We offer Döner bread of which the unique characteristics can be long-term preserved. The Dürüm (a word of Turkish origin that literally means "rolled up") is a type of wrap. Consuming these products you will discover they are fresh.
Donerix Doner bread and Durum

Vegetables and Salads

Dönerix is also famous for its wide range of vegetables and salads that are freshly and carefully prepared every day. We only use super fresh vegetables in preparing these vegetables and salads. All Döner dishes are served with fresh vegetables and salads.
Donerix Vegetables and Salads

French fries

Making delicious French fries starts with the right potatoes. Our French fries are primarily made of potatoes from France. These are delivered by Ekin from France. We only use the best potato variety and we therefore offer you A quality French fries.
Donerix French fries

A brand soft drinks

Dönerix has a very wide range of A brand soft drinks. This range of soft drinks is excessively complete. Almost all brands are among the best in the world: Coca Cola, Hero, Looza, Appelsientje, Extran, Fristi, Spa and Pepsi. In addition, energy and sports drinks are not missing. We also offer the Silifke Ayran. Ayran is a Turkish cold drink based on yogurt, salt and water.
Donerix soft drinks